GdiplusStartup/Shutdown should not be called in DllMain


From GitHub Issue #180, submitted by @nextfullstorm:

There is an application hang on exit if you use MapWinGIS in environment where you cannot control GDI+ initialization/finalization. For example, Delphi project: if there is an unit with mawingis AND GDI+ code, than app will hang on shutdown forever. Why? Because Delphi calls GdiplusStartup/Shutdown automatically and mapwingis calls it from DllMain (its strictly prohibited in docs), which calls causes deadlock on second GdiplusShutdown.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Create Delphi project "VCL Forms Application". I tested it on Delphi 10.2.
Add GDIPObj to uses section of main form unit.
Drop a TmwMap component on main form and ensure that MapWinGIS_TLB added to uses section.
That's it!
Build project, run, close app. Delphi debugger show app still running. We can see call stack if we press Pause Debug.

Test environment: Delphi 10.2, MapWinGIS 5.1, Windows 8.1/10 x64.

I've read long comment about GdiplusStartup/Shutdown in Map.cpp:723. Clearly it not works as it states and NotificationHook/Unhook doesn't help here (at least for me). I was able to fix it by bringing back old solution (GdiplusStartup in CMapView ctor, GdiplusShutdown in CMapView dtor) AND adding TileCacheManager::CloseAll(); before GdiplusShutdown. Latter is for fixing "issues with tile cache" as long comment states.




Jerry Faust


Jerry Faust



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