Release Notes - MapWinGIS - Version v4.9.6.0 - HTML format



  • [MWGIS-98] - When using spatial index no points are shown
  • [MWGIS-107] - MouseDown events return Y-value offset by 1 pixel
  • [MWGIS-108] - Tiles.PrefetchToFolder() saves without extension
  • [MWGIS-110] - CShapefile::get_ShapeSelected(...) does not correctly assign VARIANT_BOOL return value
  • [MWGIS-116] - Issues related to custom ESRI (non-EPSG) Spatial Reference IDs

New Feature

  • [MWGIS-68] - Allow use of Logical dbf data type
  • [MWGIS-101] - Add new field type
  • [MWGIS-111] - Add optional behavior to re-center map on left-click Zoom


  • [MWGIS-48] - Support date value in shapefile
  • [MWGIS-97] - Point Image Serialization/Deserialization fails for in-memory Image

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