Release Notes - MapWinGIS - Version v5.0.0 - HTML format


  • [MWGIS-119] - Upgrade from VS2013 to VS2015


  • [MWGIS-102] - non-standard use of class 'type' as an argument to a variadic function
  • [MWGIS-121] - Label font size < 4 generates unhandled exception
  • [MWGIS-122] - Polygons layers with LineWidth="1.0" do not display
  • [MWGIS-125] - Union of shapefiles produces wrong results
  • [MWGIS-128] - OgrLayer::SaveChanges sets NULL fields to value of most-previous non-NULL field value
  • [MWGIS-129] - AccessViolationException thrown in Shape.ExportToWKT
  • [MWGIS-132] - Unable to reproject OGR layers on-the-fly
  • [MWGIS-134] - Shapefile Segmentize method throws unhandled Access Violation exception
  • [MWGIS-137] - Selecting shapes by point-click (vs box-drawing) only works on Volatile layers IF Volatile layers are present
  • [MWGIS-138] - Select by polygon gives incorrect validation error for a triangular selection (i.e. 3 points)


  • [MWGIS-5] - SSL / HTTPS support for TMS/WMS services

New Feature

  • [MWGIS-83] - Support Unicode encoding in the Categories
  • [MWGIS-135] - Add LineInterpolatePoint()


  • [MWGIS-109] - Chinese characters
  • [MWGIS-112] - Slovene text from SpatiaLite
  • [MWGIS-120] - Convert all URLs to https
  • [MWGIS-123] - Unable to Rotate Point Features Placed using Font Files
  • [MWGIS-131] - Add GetAngle to Utils class
  • [MWGIS-133] - Ability to extract multiple Shape types from OGR datasources when AvailableShapeTypes > 1
  • [MWGIS-139] - Add support for multiple-current selectable layers based on 'Selectable' layer attribute.

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