Release Notes - MapWindow Core - Version v5.6.0 - HTML format


  • [MW5CORE-265] - Merge pull requests suggested by SonarCloud/DependaBot


  • [MW5CORE-198] - Showing properties of shapefile causes crash
  • [MW5CORE-257] - Print to PDF results in layer shift
  • [MW5CORE-261] - Editing category styles for empty layers causes null reference exceptions
  • [MW5CORE-262] - When a project throws an exception while loading, the project loading dialog does not always hide
  • [MW5CORE-264] - When scrolling the Legend control before data is loaded an unhandled exception can occur

New Feature


  • [MW5CORE-182] - getvalue return wrong date format for shapefile
  • [MW5CORE-263] - Covers() and CoveredBy() spatial queries are missing

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