Release Notes - MapWindow Core - Version v5.5.0 - HTML format


  • [MW5CORE-245] - Can't compile MapWindow5 using VS2019


  • [MW5CORE-224] - Only the first registered event delegate of a plugin is fired
  • [MW5CORE-225] - Some events are not cancelled after setting the cancel flag.
  • [MW5CORE-230] - Add missing BeforeLayerEditingChanged broadcast to LayerEditingServices
  • [MW5CORE-231] - Splash window should show the plugins it is loading
  • [MW5CORE-237] - When deleting a group of layers, layer removed events are not fired
  • [MW5CORE-247] - When clearing the filter on the toolbox not all tools are restored

New Feature

  • [MW5CORE-220] - Add selectable property to FeatureSet
  • [MW5CORE-221] - Add segment/vertex snapping options to the shape editor
  • [MW5CORE-222] - BeforeShapeEditEvent broadcast is missing when removing selected features in the ShapeEditor plugin
  • [MW5CORE-223] - There is no way to check if a feature is part of a featureset
  • [MW5CORE-228] - Add DiscardLayerChanges method to the LayerEditingServices interface
  • [MW5CORE-229] - Add BeforeDeleteShape events to RemoveSelectedShapesNoPrompt method of Geometry editor
  • [MW5CORE-235] - ReplaceShape method on GeoProcessingService


  • [MW5CORE-226] - ProjectSaving and ProjectSaved events are missing
  • [MW5CORE-227] - Change C# version to 7.1
  • [MW5CORE-232] - DockPanelKeys class should be public
  • [MW5CORE-233] - MW5 WMS Support love
  • [MW5CORE-234] - Add installation location registry key
  • [MW5CORE-238] - OGR Layer style API improvement
  • [MW5CORE-243] - Add BeforeSaveChanges and AfterClearChanges events to the shape editor
  • [MW5CORE-244] - Add missing methods on GeometryEditor
  • [MW5CORE-246] - Creating custom tools for the toolbox is hard

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