While in vertex-edit-mode don't move shape


Reported by Joe Rose:

When in "vertices editing mode" on a line/polygon shape, and working quickly, one can easily shift the whole shape when trying to add a vertices (double click on segment) and (not by desire) moves the mouse simultaneously. This occurs because the edit/add vertices operation is in the same logic "plain" as the move shape operation. and if wishing to add a vertices and then reposition it one can very easily move the whole shape. When this occurs numerous times in a vertices adding/editing session it cause a shape "drift" which cannot be fixed without restarting the fixes/changes from the beginning. When working with a shape of 100,000 of more vertices and having changed a few thousand the consequence of an "drift" error is, well, NUTS.

I would suggest that the moving shapes be kept if on another logic (shifted) plain than the move vertex option. The shifted one should be the version least used by the users as this requires the extra key press. Hard on us old guys with arthritis when doing hundreds or thousands of operations (as I do at times).



Jerry Faust
March 31, 2019, 7:21 PM

The SHIFT-key has been trapped as a requirement for the drag operation, primarily to prevent inadvertent dragging during a vertex add.

Jerry Faust
March 30, 2019, 6:41 PM

It looks as if the Shift key could be used in this case. The Ctrl is already trapped in order to stop drawing a new polygon while in edit mode. It would not be that difficult to add the Shift key such that you must hold down the Shift key to allow drag/drop of polygon.

Paul Meems
March 29, 2019, 10:00 AM

Perhaps using the CTRL-key is more logical then the SHIFT-key.

Paul Meems
March 28, 2019, 9:05 AM

I just tested it with MW5.
Take a polygon shapefile, go to edit mode then to Vertices editor.
First selecting this vertex moves only this vertex, as expected:

But when moving your mouse only slightly off, moves the whole shapee, this is unwanted:

In MW5 when holding the SHIFT-key nothing can be moved. So that is already good.
Perhaps we can change the shape-move behavior to check for this SHIFT-key when in vertices-edit-mode: without SHIFT no shape movement.

Do check the 'normal' shape move option, this can be done by only selecting the shape and change the cursor to cmMoveShapes (https://www.mapwindow.org/documentation/mapwingis4.9/_enumerations_8cs.html#a988ad29d268eb5a035739d90080581d3) this should still be working.

The SHIFT-key is only needed when in vertices-edit-mode.

What is your opinion? It seems a rather easy improvement.



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