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Reported by Dan Huantes at

  1. My regular login does not have Admin privileges so the initial attempt failed when the installer tried to create the MapWindow5 directory in "C:\Program Files" folder.

  2. Installing with non-Admin account to C:\MapWindow5 was almost successful (at least didn't have any problems writing there) but one of the final things the installer does is to update the registry with several keys and all of these attempts failed.

  3. I was able to install "successfully" when I run the installation as an Administrator. Unfortunately, since it was installed under an Admin account all the configurations seemed to be keyed to the Admin account profile used for the installation. For example, none of the repositories are shown in the Repository window docked on the right side of the App. Additionally, I can add a Shapefile as a layer but I can't edit properties because the properties context menu option never shows a dialog.

  4. So with my installation the only way I can run MapWindow5 and get full functionality is by running it as an Administrator. This is ok as a temporary fix but end users of my plugin have far less privileges then I do so will never be able to run MapWindow5 with the current installer. Maybe an installation option to "Install for All Users" would correct the problem.




Paul Meems
December 8, 2016, 7:43 AM

The Install script adds several registry keys:

We need to make them non-admin friendly or only add them when the user is an admin.

The configuration is set in MW5 itself. Changing it to All Users seems a good suggestion.

Paul Meems
January 4, 2018, 3:46 PM

I looked at the registry settings in the install script but I don't understand how to alter them.
Looking at the documentation: I cannot set to All Users when not an Admin.


Paul Meems


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